YT 2/11/20 – Live Reading Of SNT Vs Sonichu

signs sign symbol A lot of religious people with higher purpose are stronger and last longer. You know what, they’re paying my bills so I really appreciate them for that and I appreciate that young people are getting involved in this, and the great thing about a 13 year old girl is that she’s going to be alive longer than a normal fan – so I can continue to take her money and she’s going to start making more money later and the older she gets the easier it is for her to steal money out of her mom’s purse. Just take Tay, an AI that Microsoft let loose on Twitter with the hope of showing how the technology can mimic human behavior. How long does it take for you to get to this kind of self-awareness? Random nature pictures, funny retweets, selfies of every kind and promotional material. But I can even find funny in the deaths of some of our favorite celebrities, and it’s really hard too because as a songwriter and a record producer my music comes naturally to me, but we’re taking on people like Prince and Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin who are powerhouse vocalists, that is me taking a pretty Big Ass Nude risk trying to attempt this music.

When I was 13 I loved kidding myself into a sense of adulthood and adulthood for me was always very sinful, it was always sneaking mom’s cigarettes, stealing the Buick at 3 in the morning, watching porn, so now that I’m older of course I look at a 13 year old girl as like some hormonal crazy fan that smells like funions, but at the end of the day I have to remember who I was at 13 and 13 year olds are smarter than we remember, Miss Mary Flick. Absolutely. And I used to say I wouldn’t, right after the show when I was, you know, I mean I’m not bragging but I was kind of the biggest queen in the world there for a minute. The only silver lining: There are more excuses to watch a fun CNET video that uses car and dinosaur toys to explain net neutrality.

We kept thinking there was some kind of formula, but you’re going to see in the upcoming All Stars that the way they cast this show isn’t what most fans would consider fair, it’s for entertainment value and you are all in for a treat. There is a youtube video called effortless nofap or something. The study I read says it goes back to normal, but there were some things I did not understand about that study. Oh no, now the story goes into the OCs are real. Voice assistants are all but mundane these days, but Amazon’s Alexa is good for more than asking for weather updates and music. Confidence, brighter colours, lower social anxiety, more energy, and similar benefits are real for a lot of people. Here are some non placebo benefits you can actually expect. Sure. You used to be afraid of being judged, but somehow (and always sometimes) you’ll feel like you can manage that anxiety.

Using that, people can pay for me to get things like get my nails or toes painted. I guess when it boils down to it, the responsibility held on drag queens in pop culture to be decent people is where I have the issue, you know. You know, I produce shows and write albums and dress up and there’s just so many facets to a drag queen – we’ve always kind of been, a drag queen is always kind of the butt of the joke of the gay community, and now I think people are starting to realize that we are everything, we are our own hairstylist, makeup artists, costume designers, writers, joke writers, musicians, actors, models. Absolutely. Because you know, your visuals are only 50% of the game. Yeah yeah yeah, well you know, we’re not gonna talk about that. I think that’s exactly what she is, you know, growing up in the small town of Newton, Iowa and being muted for being creative and being different, but still just such an innocent… Even for older files, given the nature of the data, it is still relevant and of equal impact as newly added files. I needed her, I needed Sharon, and I still need her.

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