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Such constructs are useful for treatment of cancers in which protease levels are greatly increased in the tumor microenvironment compared with non-tumor tissues. In one embodiment, a patient described herein can show inhibition of disease progression, inhibition of tumor growth, reduction of primary tumor, relief of tumor-related symptoms, inhibition of tumor secreted factors (including tumor secreted hormones, such as those that contribute to carcinoid syndrome), delayed appearance of primary or secondary tumors, slowed development of primary or secondary tumors, decreased occurrence of primary or secondary tumors, slowed or decreased severity of secondary effects of disease, wheelbarrow sex position arrested tumor growth and regression of tumors, increased Time To Progression (TTP), increased Progression free live cam sites Survival (PFS), and/or increased Overall Survival (OS), among others. The resulting dissociation of the masking ligand from the antibody enables antigen binding selectively in the tumor, rather than in peripheral tissues in which antigen binding might cause unwanted side effects.

matures in school uniform In one embodiment, a blocking peptide «mask» is generated that specifically binds to the antigen binding surface of the antibody and interferes with antigen binding, which mask is linked to each of the binding arms of the antibody by a peptidase cleavable linker. For example, one approach is to «backmutate» one or more framework residues to the corresponding germline sequence. To return the framework region sequences to their germline configuration, the somatic mutations can be «backmutated» to the germline sequence by, for example, site-directed mutagenesis or PCR-mediated mutagenesis. Site-directed mutagenesis or PCR-mediated mutagenesis can be performed to introduce the mutation(s) and the effect on antibody binding, or other functional property of interest. As used herein, a murine antibody comprises heavy or light chain variable regions that are «derived from» a particular germline sequence if the variable regions of the antibody are obtained from a system that uses murine germline immunoglobulin genes, and the antibody sequence is sufficiently related to the germline that it is more likely derived from the given germline than from any other.

Accordingly, also provided are anti-CD40 antibodies that have one or more methionine residues in the heavy and/or light chain CDRs replaced with amino acid residues that do not undergo oxidative degradation. For example, germline DNA sequences for human heavy and light chain variable region genes can be found in the «VBase» human germline sequence database, as well as in Kabat, E. A., et al. Watch my hot blonde milf wife with a very well endowed black male. Slowing down works especially well if your man suffers from premature ejaculation. The term «treatment» contemplates both a complete and a partial response. Such masking ligands are useful for treatment of cancers in which protease levels are greatly increased in the tumor microenvironment compared with non-tumor tissues. Selective cleavage of the cleavable linker in the tumor microenvironment allows disassociation of the two binding domains from each other, reducing the avidity for the antigen-binding surfaces of the antibody.

A murine antibody that is «derived from» a particular germline immunoglobulin sequence may contain amino acid differences as compared to the germline sequence due to, for example, naturally-occurring somatic mutations or intentional introduction of site-directed mutation. Typically, an antibody derived from a particular murine germline sequence will display no more than 10 amino acid differences from the amino acid sequence encoded by the germline immunoglobulin gene (e.g. V regions). Some variability in the antibody sequences disclosed herein may be tolerated and still maintain the desirable properties of the antibody. Such framework sequences can be obtained from public DNA databases or published references that include germline antibody gene sequences. Given that antigen-binding specificity is determined primarily by the CDRs, antibodies sharing CDRs sequences with antibodies disclosed herein (i.e. 12D6, 5F11, 8E8, 5G7 and 19G3) are likely to share their desirable properties. Methionine residues in CDRs of antibodies can be oxidized, resulting in potential chemical degradation and consequent reduction in potency of the antibody.

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