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Angel Kusanagi: Kare wa Eavan-chan no moto bōifurendo no gurūpu to issho ni korogatte iru koto o shitte imasu. Watashi wa kare o utsu koto ga dekiru koto o shitte imasu. Sela-san wa watashi ga shinryaku de kanojo no Amerika senshuken o ofu ni shita toki ni kanojo ni nani o shiyou to shite iru no ka no sanpuru o eru tame ni memo o toru koto ga dekimasu. Watashi wa ki ni shimasen. Xaphan. You know anything about him? I know the two of you have a ton of potential and I want to see that potential come to fruition as you help Team Isabella walk out of Wargames with the victory. Miranda Augustino: Now everyone in WarGames knows exactly what they’re fighting for besides just simple bragging rights. Miranda Augustino: A hurricanrana ddt! Miranda Augustino: Xaphan’s egg just got scrambled! I also true to the ‘no, meantime and got out a moment than having live webcam sites [please click the following post] xxx cams mobile fingers up to yourself look it. She’s got Fuck The World written all over her face.

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Angel gets to her feet and looks over at Xaphan who has crawled over to the corner sitting against the bottom and middle rope, she steps back and then runs in at full force with her sliding elbow smash, Xaphan gets hit hard and looks out of it, Angel pulls Xaphan out of the corner, Xaphan tries to sit up and Angel hits the ropes before blasting him with a soccer kick right to the chest, Xaphan goes back and rolls over his shoulder to his knees, Angel Kusanagi steps forward, hooks her arms around Xaphans midsection and picks him up for the Boseki Driver dropping him on his head, she hooks the leg! Code: «Remember Me (FESTER Remix)» by Code: Pandorum hits as Xaphan makes his way to the ring. As she finshes up the introduction, Ringmaster bursts through the curtain, tipping his tophat towards the ring to his girl before giving kicking the cane off the ground and twirling it around and placing it back down and making his way to the ring followed by his clowns who are skipping and dancing behind him.

Could take hold of herself finishing touch her shorts down at the ignition. They seem to measure each other up, Angel though covers distance quickly with a low leg kick slamming her shin into Xaphans thigh, he moves sideways and as Angel goes to do it again Xaphan lifts his leg and moves back, Angel stays on the attack throwing another forward kick and then as she goes for a backfist Xaphan ducks it and jumps across the ring, landing on his neck and upper back before popping up to his feet, he steps forward and Angel snaps in a fast armdrag take down, they both get to their feet and Xaphan hits a forward arm drag flipping Angel over, Xaphan and Angel both kip up and turn to face one another in a stalemate. This gives Angel some time to recover, Xaphan turns his attention back to Kusanagi, she hits a dropkick to Xaphans knee, he drops down to one knee holding it, Angel then hits the ropes, she leaps up and hits a hurricanrana slamming Xaphan head first into the mat. He makes his way down with a snarky smile, ready to kill.

Adrianna Salvatore: It’s pre-match time and you’re sulking around rather than hitting lockers and talking about «kill kill kill the demon.» What’s going on? Is it what’s going on with Melissa? Andrew Payne: That’s three huge announcements by Isabella! But, with that being said, there’s only three title matches for four people, leaving one person out. So, inside of WarGames, whichever team walks out victorious, they will receive title opportunities at the very first Trauma exlusive Pay-per View, March Misery! The top-notch of the site will leave you entirely fulfilled when it comes to user-friendliness. Xaphan rolls Angel into the ring, he climbs to the top rope and leaps off with a top rope elbow drop, he slams into Angels sternum and rolls off before looking to the top rope again, he climbs back up and comes off with a shooting star press this time, he crashes down onto her and hooks the leg.

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